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Ad blockers rising = innovation happening · 2015-08-11 16:39 by Ben Williams

The newest PageFair and Adobe ad blocking report entitled The cost of ad blocking came out yesterday. Already, articles are out talking about the report and focusing on how much money will be lost to advertisers. I’m sorry, but did my eyes just roll out loud?

First of all, the growth of ad blocking year in and year out demonstrates a permanently changed culture that empowers users who demand total user control of their Internet experience. Ad blocking growth has been organic and users have spoken and continue to speak with their clicks.

Further validation of ad blocking has come in recent months, with Larry Page saying that advertisers need to create better ads in response to more blocking. Also, Apple’s announcement that they’ll bake ad blocking capabilities into iOS 9 raised plenty of eyebrows, while demonstrating ad blocking’s move toward the mainstream.

Let me take a quick minute of your time to revisit “why” people would consider using ad blockers in the first place. A very interesting part of the report asked people who do not use ad blockers what would make them start using one. Turns out that …

  • 41 percent said they would start using an ad blocker if the number of ads increased from what they currently see. This jumped to 57 percent among millennials.
  • 50 percent said they would switch on an ad blocker if they thought their personal information was being misused.
  • Only 11 percent said they would never turn on an ad blocker. This should give advertisers a reason to celebrate.

Finally, the report said that mobile will drive ad blocking in the future, pointing out that the mobile version of Safari holds 51 percent of the mobile browsing market. This in combination with Apple’s announcement, according to the report, will push mobile ad blocking. As I wrote last week, we are planning an iOS app for Safari; and for all those who want to take control in their hands now Adblock Browser will be on Android AND iOS come September (it’s already on Android, in beta ATM).

We think the people have spoken: ad blockers are here to stay. Now the industry must get a grip, and decide to actively participate in making the Internet a better place with better ads … and even new monetization methods. Imagine that?!!

Bottom line: let’s put down the world’s smallest violin, and recognize ad blocking for what it is: innovation. Would anyone argue that online ads don’t need a little of that? Let’s get to work!

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  1. Mikki · 2015-08-17 00:40 · #

    With so many AnDroid’s being used, why not make it easier to use Ad blocker plus for the Android.? I am having SO much trouble downloading it to my Samsung Tablet and keeping it there. Have tried the other instructions, none seem to help.
    So stressed.
    Thank you.

    Reply from Ben Williams:

    Try Adblock Browser for Android:

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