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Making modal dialogs work on Mac OS X · 2008-09-15 22:49 by Wladimir Palant

If you ever tried TomTom HOME, you probably noticed that its user interface is “unusual”. It tries to mimic the user interface of a navigation device meaning among others that all messages (“dialogs”) replace the entire window content and require you to dismiss them before you can continue doing whatever you have been doing. There are some advantages to that kind of user interface but it was also a constant source of irritation among our testers (and, no doubt, users). In particular, you could still use the menu despite the dialog, with strange results.

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Using XULRunner platform · 2008-07-15 11:24 by Wladimir Palant

It is now more than a year that I started working on TomTom HOME, an application to manage personal navigation devices. The original version of this application (TomTom HOME 1.x) was written entirely in C++ and used wxWidgets library. After some time it became an unmaintainable mess, and a decision was made that a better platform for user interface development is necessary. I wasn’t around when XULRunner was chosen as this platform but I am happy that it was — that’s how I came aboard, two months before the first release of TomTom HOME 2. Now we are closing in on a fifth major release, and it is time to summarize how XULRunner did as a platform.

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TomTom HOME and add-ons · 2008-03-17 10:17 by Wladimir Palant

I have been writing very little about what I am doing in my day job, maybe it is time to change this. As some might know, I am a developer in the team behind TomTom HOME, an application that allows users to manage their TomTom navigator devices (e.g. installing new content on them, sharing it with other users or doing backups).

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New job · 2007-06-15 17:49 by Wladimir Palant

I have been very silent recently, but I think it is time to give an update on what I am doing. Today is officially the first day on my new job — I am joining the developer team behind TomTom HOME. Nice at least one of my hobbies (Mozilla) has made it to a job. TomTom allowed me to stay in Cologne but I expect going to Amsterdam rather frequently.

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