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Adblock Plus 3.2 for Chrome, Firefox and Opera released · 2018-07-17 21:16 by Sebastian Noack

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This release features the new $rewrite filter option which enables filter list authors to prevent (mostly pre-roll video) ads that couldn’t be blocked before from showing on some websites, as well as improvements to the issue reporter, and a couple other improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added the $rewrite filter option (issue 6592 and issue 6622).
  • Blocked elements are now hidden through a style sheet if possible rather than by overriding their style attribute (issue 6645).
  • Stopped converting domains reported by the browser to Unicode, expecting domains in filters being given in Punycode (issue 6647).
  • Fixed: Requests were matched in the wrong context when navigating to a document served by a Service Worker (issue 6595).
  • Fixed a regression introduced with the previous release that caused the number in the icon badge to show even if that feature was disabled (issue 6679).
  • Added information about filter hits and related requests to issue reports (issue 6386).
  • Removed the title field when adding a subscription by URL (issue 6532).
  • Formatted dates on the options page based on the current locale (issue 6661).

Chrome/Opera-only changes

  • Fixed blocking of WebRTC connections and the related error shown in the console on Chrome 67 (respectively Opera 54) and above (issue 6744).



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