Cookie notification illustration

Tired of cookie notifications on every page?

Add the popular ‘I don’t care about cookies’ feature to Adblock Plus and have even more control of your internet experience.

You can block those cookie notifications and have quicker, smoother surfing. If you don’t have Adblock Plus yet, first add it, then enjoy this awesome feature.

This feature isn't available for your browser just yet. In the meantime, you can still block annoying ads with Adblock Plus.

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Note: by adding this feature and blocking these prompts, you are waiving your right to be notified about cookie usage and to edit cookie settings on individual websites

How to add the feature

Screenshot showing confirmation box for adding the feature to Adblock Plus

How to remove it

Screenshot showing where the feature was installed
Feature is automatically saved to the MORE FILTERS section. You can find it there if you want to remove it.