FAQ - Advanced functionality

What can I do with filter subscriptions?

Filter subscriptions let you download filters from some location on the web or on your disk automatically every day. These filters are stored in a separate group and don't interfere with the filters you define yourself. This way you can use filter lists other people create and maintain while still having your own additions to those. You can also disable all filters from the subscription without removing it if you have the suspicion that the filters are causing problems.

What does "Show tabs on Flash and Java" do?

Web pages can contain objects that are displayed by external plugins like Flash or Java. These objects have a context menu of their own, that's why blocking them via context menu isn't possible. When this option is enabled Adblock Plus will show a button saying "Block" at the upper right (lower right if there isn't enough space) corner of such an object. You can click this button to block the object.