Find useless filters

This page will evaluate a list of filters to find out which filters can be removed. It can detect cases like* and */ads/* where the first filter is made redundant by the second. In the end it will give you your list with the useless filters removed.

This tool has some limitations. It cannot evaluate element hiding filters and will always leave those unchanged. It is also unable to determine whether a regular expression can be removed, although it can detect when a simple filter can be removed due to a regular expression.

Please open Adblock Plus preferences and mark all the filters you would like to check. Copy them (select Edit — Copy from the menu or press Ctrl+C) and paste them into the text field below. Alternatively you can export your filters and paste the contents of the file into the text field.

Privacy statement: No data is transmitted to the server. All the necessary calculations are performed on your computer, and your data never leaves it.