YouTube’s New Anti-Ad Block Walls

Ad blocking is getting harder on YouTube.

As an Adblock Plus user, you may encounter anti-ad block walls on YouTube. Sometimes it'll ask you to allow YouTube ads after three videos and other times it won’t let you play anything until Adblock Plus is disabled.

As we work on keeping our extension up to date and effective, YouTube continually works to show this anti-ad block wall. We know that this causes you to have an unpredictable experience as far as whether you’ll see an anti-ad block wall or not on the site. We are doing everything we can to make this experience better for our users while working within the legal parameters we are allowed. In fact, we have users all over the world, and that means we must ensure we are operating in line with the many laws of those countries.

To ensure that you’re able to access YouTube with Adblock Plus installed, all you have to do is add YouTube to your allowlist. This will allow ads on YouTube while keeping ads blocked everywhere else you browse. Wherever you are on the web, Adblock Plus also gives you the ability to use custom blocking rules to hide distractions on web pages. (This feature is available to Chrome, Edge, and Firefox users.)

In the meantime, we’ll continue to block pop-ups and other annoying ads for you across the web. And if you’re interested in blocking even more distractions (like newsletter pop-ups, survey requests, and floating videos), you can always sign up for Adblock Plus Premium.

We appreciate all of your support!